As someone who has already seen it, I can tell you there are many things to enjoy about the new Marvel flick Thor: Ragnarok.

Chris Hemsworth‘s ridiculously cut bod. NZ genius Taika Waititi‘s amazing (and hilarious) writing and directing, bro. The return of trickster Loki as portrayed by delicious crumpet Tom Hiddleston. Our gal Cate Blanchett having the time of her life playing the baddie. Little nods to our glorious country. Seriously, it’s the gift that just keeps on giving.


And now actress Tessa Thompson, who stars as complete badass Valkyrie in the flick, has confirmed that her butt-kicking character identifies as bisexual. This makes good old Val the first ever ~confirmed~ LGBTQI character from the comic books to appear in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

34-year-old Thompson ‘outed’ her alter ago during a Twitter convo with a fan, who had mistakenly told a critic that Valkyrie was “a big ole lesbian” in the original comics.

We actually could not love this more.

Unfortunately, the film doesn’t delve too much into Valkyrie’s personal life because she’s too busy being badass. As such, her bisexuality isn’t directly mentioned, as Thompson later clarified.

Even though the movie didn’t go into Val’s dating life, fans were pretty keen to know more.

Thompson has also been open about her desire to film an all-female Marvel ensemble movie, which we could not be more here for.

YAS queen etc

“I walked up to [Marvel president] Kevin Feige with Black Widow [Scarlett Johansson] and with the Scarlet Witch [Elizabeth Olsen]” she told E!. “But, Brie Larson is now in the Marvel Universe. I mean, Angela Bassett is. I kind of want a movie like…it’s everybody.”

So do we, Tessa. So do we.

Image: Marvel