Waleed Aly Jabs The Veronicas Over Their Edited Qantas Footage During ‘The Project’ Interview

The Veronicas are intent on assuring folks that the Qantas plane barney that occurred over the weekend was not their bad and to do this, they sat for an interview with The Project last night.

[jwplayer yo2PmhqJ]

The segment began with the singing duo being asked to recount the incident that resulted in them being booted from the flight.

Jessica Origliasso said they “still don’t have a reason” why they were forced to deplane, despite contacting Qantas four times.

Origliasso went on to say that she started filming after the flight attendant and AFP officer refused to give the girls their names.

The video then shows brief footage taken by Jess of the girls exiting the aircraft.

They were asked to address the rumour that the entire thing was a publicity stunt for their upcoming MTV series Jess & Lisa: The Veronicas which is set to air in November.

“This is a legal matter, not a publicity stunt,” Jess insisted.

When Tommy Little said, “Does it help that it’s giving you some publicity?”, his fellow co-hosts chuckled.

Answering his question, Jess said “No,” and Lisa added: “I don’t think it helps at all.”


Waleed Aly then interjected, saying that the footage the girls shared with producers was edited and questioned whether or not they’d share the unedited version.

“It is edited, would you be prepared to share the unedited version?” He asked.

“We actually can’t do that because it’s a legal matter now,” Lisa responded.

“But you can share the edited version? Is that what your lawyers have told you?” Aly questioned.

Seeming confused, Lisa added: “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

He clarified: “So we’ve seen some of the footage you’ve shared from the plane but it’s edited, you can see there are certain points where it fades to black and then the next thing starts.”

“Would you be prepared to share or release the unedited filming?”

“Absolutely,” they responded in unison, with Jess adding: “If it doesn’t implicate with any legal standing, absolutely.”

Have a geeze at the awkward back-and-forth via Ten Daily.