The Veronicas Reveal The Latest Tea On The Never-Ending Qantas Flight Saga

The Veronicas have opened up about where things currently sit with their Qantas beef and spoiler alert: The matter remains untouched.

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In a new interview with the Herald Sun, the sisters revealed the airline has “ignored or decline[d]” six offers to meet with them to clear up the issue and present their own evidence.

The girls are keen to meet with airline representatives to “gain clarification on the matter, show them our video footage and passenger testimonials,” but for whatever reason, their requests have been ignored.

They also revealed that they are receiving legal advice on how best to handle the matter.

The flight attendant refused to assist the girls and when asked for her name, she summoned an AFP officer and had him remove the sisters from the flight.

During their appearance on The Project, Jessica said they “still don’t have a reason” why they were forced to deplane, despite contacting Qantas numerous times.

The band previously issued a statement about the altercation, saying that it was “incredibly intimidating and confusing” and that they will be “pursuing legal action.”

Using their group’s Twitter account, the girls recently called out the “bullies” of Qantas for the way they handled the situation.

While on The Project, the girls denied rumours that it’s all been a publicity stunt to drum up interest in their upcoming MTV reality series The Veronicas: Blood Is For Life.

“This is a legal matter, not a publicity stunt,” said Jess.