The Veronicas Threaten Legal Action Against Qantas In Statement About Yesterday’s Incident

The plot has well and truly thickened in the case of The Veronicas vs Qantas as we now have more supporting statements, other than old mate Greg from business class.

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A couple of other passengers who allege to have been on board the flight from Sydney to Brisbane say they witnessed the entire incident that ended in the sisters being booted from the flight.

One half of the singing duo, Jessica Origliasso, shared the following Insta comment, tweet and DM from various passengers who support their claims that staff reacted poorly to the situation.

“I was sitting right in front of you girls and believe the whole situation was an overreaction on Qantas’ part,” one eyewitness wrote.

“Had they explained the reason why they cannot touch your bags would have provided you girls with answers you politely asked for.”

They added, “I have personally seen many attendants assist with moving bags to make room for others, how is this request any different?”

Concluding, “The flight attendant blew up more than needed and you guys got the raw end of the stick.”

Another punter took to Twitter to write, “One of my best friends was on this flight – she said this was a complete failure on Qantas’ behalf.”

Meanwhile a third person slid into her DMs to offer a statement, “I was in front of you guys on today’s flight. Please let me know if you need a statement etc. Happy to support you, was an overreaction on Qantas’ part.”

The band issued the following statement as reports of the row started to circulate, saying that the incident was “incredibly intimidating and confusing” and that they will be “pursuing legal action.”