Sims Influencers To Follow If You Enjoy Mighty-Fine Digital Craftsmanship

The Sims

Many moons ago, famous people were called ‘celebrities‘. Just to make sure we’re on the same page, you pronounce that word sah-leb-bra-tee. These days, however, we’ve come to know them as influencers and they’re bloody everywhere. You can’t be active on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or The Sims without encountering one.

Yes, The Sims.

The Sims 4 really nailed its community development when it launched. In case you’re not aware, the in-game Gallery allows players to share their creations with others and be showered with admiration/love. Given how insanely popular the game is, there’s a massive audience hungry for Sims and Lots to play. And when someone talented comes along, people notice.

Don’t believe us? Check out these 18 users who’ve landed themselves a cult-like following.

1. The Sim Supply (AKA James Turner)

2. Deligracy

3. Kaleidow


5. SimsWishes

6. CaithlinSims

7. HeyImBee

8. Vixella

9. XUrbanSimsX

10. Xureila

11. Iron Seagull

12. TheEnglishSimmer

13. lilsimsie

14. Simmer Kitten

15. AndrewArcade

16. Steph0Sims

17. LifeSimmer

18. Devon Bumpkin

Not sure what all the hype’s about? Trust us, this is one of the best goddamn games in existence. Become an influencer yourself by downloading The Sims 4 HERE.