The Sims has always been a reasonably liberal game. You could do all sorts of things, like murder people in swimming pools so they could haunt other Sims, or even set your house on fire!

But what always stayed in place was a clear, defined gender binary; certain body shapes, voices, haircuts, and items of clothing belonged to men, and others exclusively belonged to women. 

Today however, Maxis is releasing an update that will remove those restrictions.

Regardless of the Sims’ gender, they will be able to have any physique, voice, and clothes. 

Plus, players can now change the Sims’ genders whenever they want, and they can choose which Sims are capable of reproducing.

The Sims has always been forward-thinking enough to allow same-sex marriages and relationships (Maxis Is Removing Heaps O’ The Pesky Gender Restrictions In ‘The Sims 4’), but now the game also includes representation for transgender people, and non-binary people too. 

So. Fkn. Cool. 

But regardless of what your Sim choices are in terms of gender identity, you can still always make your Sims smang until they perish:

Maxis Is Removing Heaps O’ The Pesky Gender Restrictions In ‘The Sims 4’

Source: The Sims

Photo: The Sims.