‘The Shire’ Cast Member Charged With Attack, Mistakes Himself For A ‘Star’

Like a festering wound that only gets worse the more you pick at it, the televisual scab that is The Shire continues to seep through its way into IRL headlines with today’s news that a ‘cast member’ of the moribund dramality, Daniel ‘Folkesy’ Folkes, has been arrested and charged for his part in an assault that took place in Surry Hills on Thursday night.

Along with two other cast members, including someone called Jye, Folkes was arrested for urinating on a man, abusing him with homophobic insults and resisting arrest. Inarguably the most unforgivable offence committed by Folkes is that while resisting arrest he proceeded to brag to police that he was ‘a star’ on a reality TV show.

For those of you playing along at home, this helpful infographic courtesy of @TheShireTV (last time I’ll ever say that!) helps us place ‘Jye’ and ‘Folksey’ somewhere in between ‘fucking idiot’ territory and ‘insufferable mole’ status.

A police spokeswoman said that the three men “fled but were located a short time later by police on the corner of Oxford Street and Riley Street. [They] were then issued a move-on notice. However two of them allegedly continued to argue with police and didn’t comply.” To no one’s surprise, neither Ten nor The Shire wanted to comment on the incident.

This week’s PR disaster follows on from last week’s, which saw police issue a wanted alert to find the attackers of Sophie & Vernesa, as well as yesterday’s well-timed announcement that Ten’s Programming Chief David Mott had officially resigned from the network, presumably to try and assuage himself of the guilt he feels knowing that he is in part largely responsible for bringing these people to slightly more than a modicum of public awareness.

Via The Sydney Morning Herald