It’s a rare bloody thing when someone can perpetrate a political act so profoundly idiotic and poorly thought-out that it unites both extremities of the media to hang shit on it.

Yesterday you probably heard about the self-styled “Party For Freedom” members, lead by the human version of a mosquito in the dark by the name of Nick Folkes, who interrupted a church sermon at the notably progressive Gosford Anglican Church, harassing parishioners and generally making a muddle nuisance of themselves by dressing in Muslim religious attire and chanting anti-Islam slogans, much to the bemusement of church leader Father Rod Bowers.

Y’know, the kind of action that doesn’t muddle its messages and make you look like dull, sexless fools even a little bit.

By virtue of it being a public act that attracted media attention (for worse), Folkes was afforded the luxury of TV interviews last night to explain himself.

The Project,’ as you’d expect, approached the interview with one eyebrow firmly cocked, with Steve Price of all people leading with the front foot.

The really interesting dig, however, came when Folkes attempted to appear on ‘The Bolt Report‘ on Sky News, where even Andrew Bolt was having absolutely none of Folkes’ shit.

After repeatedly insisting Folkes defend his methods, rather than his promote whatever message he was trying to push, Bolt abruptly ended the interview by cutting off Folkes’ microphone.

Yikes, guy. If even Bolt won’t back you in, there’s a fair chance you’ve absolutely cooked it.

Also we haven’t consulted the media laws on the case, but the Just For Men job on that beard is so utterly blatant that we’re sure these segments should’ve come with paid advertisement disclaimers.

Source: Twitter.