If You Already Miss OMITB, May We Suggest Stan’s Excellent Funny Yet Crime-y Series The Resort

The Resort

I love me a crime-y caper, so recently a mate recommended that I watch Stan’s new dark comedy series The Resort. After smashing through the first three episodes with no break, I want to give that friend a medal. This show is that addictive.

Let me take you through it with zero spoilers: The Resort stars Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother) and The Good Place‘s William Jackson Harper as married couple Emma and Noah. Though they’ve travelled to a Mexican resort to celebrate their 10-year anniversary, their relationship is strained (for reasons that soon ~transpire~).

That all changes when Emma stumbles upon a ye olde Motorola flip phone (remember those?) in the jungle. After some light detective work, Emma figures out that the phone once belonged to Sam (Skyler Gisondo) a young bloke who went missing from another Mexican resort 15 years ago.

The Resort
Skyler Gisondo as Sam and Debby Ryan as his girlfriend Hannah. Credit: Stan

Emma brings Noah into the fold, and they go from tense couple to amateur investigators as they attempt to unravel the mystery behind Sam’s disappearance. They’re even more hooked when they find out another young American tourist named Violet (Nina Bloomgarden) vanished on the same night as Sam all those years ago. And the plot, as it tends to do in these shows, thickens.

The Resort
Cristin Milioti as Emma and William Jackson Harper as Noah in The Resort. Credit: Stan

The series does a great job of flipping between present day and flashbacks to 15 years prior, as well as tying both time periods together with little plot-based strings. And the twists!!! I have finished at least two episodes with my hand clapped dramatically over my mouth because they have ended on such wild moments.

I don’t want to give away too much because watching this series unfold is such a delight. But, like my mate before me, I figure it’s my public duty to let y’all know about this fun little show because it has actually managed to fill the void left behind by my other favourite twisty, funny crime series Only Murders In The Building.

So if you too like some laughs mixed in with your mysteries, give Stan’s The Resort a go tonight. Thank me later.