‘The Project’ Did A Tampon Tax Rap & It Is Some Seriously Medium Flow

Like all of you, I prefer to have my news delivered to me in the form of a topical comedy rap – it is heartbreaking to me that, due to the confines of the written word, I wasn’t able to deliver this article to you via several verses of straight fire. 
Unfortunately, the LAMEstream media has shunned the comedy rap as a content delivery vehicle. It is hideously underrepresented in the media landscape, rarely ever seen on commercial television. Thankfully, though, ‘The Project‘ is brave enough to buck this trend. 
You woke up this morning actively wishing that Fifi Box and Carrie Bickmore would do a rap about the tampon tax, but you never truly believed it would happen. You thought to yourself “Man, it would be amazing if Peter Helliar jumped in for a guest verse.“, not allowing yourself to dare to hope that that would ever become a reality. But it did.
Collectively, the panel (minus Waleed) raised some fantastic points about how sexual health things like condoms and lube are exempt from GST, while tampons are not. They also managed to very studiously avoid rhyming Greg Hunt with “cunt“, those cheeky prime-time television motherfuckers.
There’s also a much-needed explanation at the end from Labor MP Catherine King about why Labor decided to vote against the Greens‘ move to remove GST from tampons.
Wrap your eyes around this:
Sure. Why not.
Source and photo: Channel 10.