Nooo: Aussie Rock Lords The Preatures Have Called It Quits After 10 Years Of Bangers

The Preatures disbanding

Bad news team, Aussie indie rock band The Preatures have split up.

The band’s lead singer Izzi Manfredi confirmed the news on Triple J radio today.

Speaking on the radio station, Izzi said that ultimately while it’s “quite a long, complex story” there were two different reasons for the split.

The band was “in a really antiquated record deal that we couldn’t get out of. And it meant that we couldn’t support ourselves financially. That was a big issue and obviously with COVID that became forefront at our minds.”

“At the same time, my 10-year relationship with Jack [Moffitt, Preatures guitarist and producer] was over. And if anyone’s ever gone through a break-up, it’s really hard to keep working with that person.”

“There was dynamics there that were really unhealthy, which just meant in the end for me, I had to get myself out of there. For me, the band was my family and I was so committed to it. But for my heart and my music, I had to take myself away and start again.”

“After ten years, The Preatures have disbanded,” the official Twitter account said in a statement shortly after the interview, and in what looks like it was written in the ye old Notes app. “We want to thank everybody who was a part of the journey and especially you for being such a dedicated fan base.”

“Izzi will continue to release her own music [and] you can follow her @isbaellamanfredi.”

The band was first formed in 2010 and features Isabella ‘Izzi’ Manfredi on vocals and keys, as well as Jack Moffitt, Thomas Champion, and Luke Davidson. Gideon Bensen was a member of the band until 2016. Izzi announced she was pregnant with her first child with partner and fiance, Rupert Parry, in January this year.

We’ve reached out to Izzi for comment and will update this story if we hear anything. More to come.