Every weekday for the past month, AIME has been running free mentoring sessions at midday through their online Youtube series, IMAGI-NATION TV.

The youth mentorship non-profit has recruited the best in the biz for the live-streams, ranging from Flume‘s visual designer Jonathan Zawada, Aussie Idol darling Lisa Mitchell, New York artist Jabari Jacuzzi, and truth be told, about 50 other names that all require a perk of thy ears.

Each week focuses on a different theme, and this week it’s everything empathy-related. Joining the livestream is none other than Isabella ‘Izzi’ Manfredi, perhaps best known to you muso enthusiasts as the lead singer from The Preatures, and she’ll be present and accounted for as she regales viewers with some tunes, words of wisdom and just a shit-tonne of fuzzy vibes.

The Preatures’ Izzi Manfredi Is Joining A Huge Livestream Sesh At 12PM Ft. So Many Legends

The lineup for today is packed to the rafters, with the following treasures getting involved:

  • Kirli Saunders – Gunai writer, artist and leader
  • Tahni Holmes – Indigenous Artist and creator of Tahni Leona Creative
  • BARC the dog AKA Alexander Lansang – muralist, illustrator and sculptor
  • Yara Alkurd – Palestinian singer/songwriter
  • Brother Asanti AKA Percy – Producer/DJ and business analyst
  • Hayku Kyah – sound artist


That’s a whole lotta talent crammed into a mere 24 minutes, so you may need to invest in some utensil that prevents you from blinking.

Be sure to head to AIME’s website to find out everything you need to know about IMAGI-NATION TV, and while you’re there, mosey on over to their ‘This Hoodie Pays Rent’ clothing range.

AIME has collabed with a bunch of streetwear designers to sell hoodies that give those struggling to pay rent 50% of the proceeds, while the remaining 50% will be used to help AIME mentor kids.

They’re out here doing a whole lot, aren’t they?

Image: Instagram / @isabellamanfredi