The O.C. Mansion Is Yours For $8.7 Million, Bitch

Hey, here’s a proposition for you: the mansion from The O.C.Kirsten and Sandy Cohen‘s one, to be exact – is up for sale for a cool AUD 8.7 mill, so if we all throw in a fiver (ten if you’re not being tight), then we could all do a timeshare and get it for about 15 minutes a year. You in?

It’s not quite the same mansion as the one in The O.C. – there’s no pool house, none of the interior rooms, no Newport Beach ZIP code and no menagerie of semi-psychotic but beautiful characters wandering through the front door and effing things up on the reg:

It’s just the house used for these shots:

And the driveway, right back where they started from, when Ryan met Marissa and kicked off three glorious seasons of throwing around longing and not quite getting it to-fucking-gether.

The Malibu-located mansion (it’s not even in Orange County, Josh Schwartz you liar) has six beds, seven baths, a library, sunroom, home office, and a pool that’s severely lacking a pool house:

Glaring error. We fixed it.

This is the kitchen:

Not this – and 10 points for your fucking awkward display of a family coffee break there, Cohens.

Some more pics of your /our future holiday home:

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via Trulia.