The Mountain From ‘GoT’ Married His Very Not Big GF & How Does That Work?

Hafthor Bjornsson, he of The Mountain from Game of Thrones fame, is an exceptionally large human being.

His partner, who he recently married, is not.

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Thor Bjornsson reportedly stands at around 6’9″ tall or about 206cm, and weighs in anywhere from 180 to 200-odd kilograms, depending on what he’s training for at the time.

His now-wife, Canadian Kelsey Henson, is said to be roughly 5’2″ tall or about 157cm. Which is a big difference, to say the very least.

The pair got married in Bjornsson’s native Iceland recently and celebrated the occasion with a pair of posts on Instagram, which is lovely and extremely nice and all, but god damn.

He is huge and she is not. I simply cannot stress this enough.

Bjornsson is said to have met Henson last year in Canada at a bar where Henson was working as a waitress; Henson approached Thor and asked for a photo and the rest, as they say, is history.

Henson’s Instagram is dotted with photos of the happy couple. Often in the gym. Often showing off just how large he is and just how not large she is.

A lovely and blessed union of souls, despite the obvious physical obstacles. One that we are definitely not thinking about how they manage to fuck at all.

Not even a little bit.

But if we were, hypothetically, we’d be suggesting an outcome something like this.

That’s if we were thinking about that.

Which we aren’t.