Please Enjoy This Unit Pissing Blood From His Nose While Deadlifting Half A Ton

Nosebleeds are often used as a cinematic visual shorthand to indicate that a character is greatly asserting themselves mentally or physically – for example, take Eleven using her powers in Stranger Things or when Zorg is on the phone to the personification of evil in The Fifth Element. The phenomenon is not strictly relegated to fictional characters stressing out their noggin, though, as perfectly demonstrated by this Russian weightlifter just straight up pissing blood out of his nose as he deadlifted nearly half a ton.

According to Sputnik News, 37-year-old Mikhail Shivlyakov was part way through deadlifting an insane 426kg at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio when a nonsense amount of blood shooting out of his nose, which was seemingly not concerning enough for him to abort the attempt.

Despite the extremely impressive effort, Shivlyakov didn’t even end up taking first place, getting beaten by Thor Bjornsson, the exceptionally hefty unit that plays The Mountain on Game of Thrones. Bjornsson managed to set a deadlifting world record by picking up a crazy stupid 472kg and putting it back down without somehow axing himself, incredible.

But back to why we’re here – please check out the nosebleed guy: