‘The Lion King’ First Reactions Are In & We’re All Feeling The Love Tonight

Lion King

Jon Favreau‘s The Lion King had its worldwide premiere over in the United States of A, and to say the critics loved it is a wild understatement. With someone like Favreau at the wheel, re: Chef, The Jungle Book, Iron Man etc., you can expect quality content. And quality content, he delivered. The blue ticks of the film industry are frothing on Disney’s latest remake, assuring nervy Disney fans that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

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As a lil’ summary of these first reactions: Billy Eichner‘s Timon and Seth Rogan‘s Pumbaa steal the damn show, Donald Glover and Beyoncé unsurprisingly crush it as Simba and Nala respectively, and the film as a whole is what Mashable’s Angie J. Han called a “beat-to-beat remake of the original.”


Collider’s Perri Nemiroff, a Disney fan, was “happy to welcome back familiar chills, emotions and tears.”

IGN’s Terri Schwartz says it all: “if you’re hoping this will be a near-exact adaptation of the animated movie with some absolutely jaw-dropping visual effects, you’ll get what you’re looking for.”

Hell yes. 

The editor of Rotten Tomatoes, Jacqueline Coley, is a big fan.


TheWrap’s Beatrice Verhoeven straight up called it a “visual masterpiece” that will “leave you smiling and crying the whole time.”

Not everyone loved it though. For example, Vox’s Emily VanDerWerff tweeted:



And then there’s the question of the CGI, which some critics liked and others had issues with.


Favreau’s Lion King also stars John Oliver as Zazu, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, John Kani as Rafiki, and the legendary James Earl Jones returns as Mufasa. Renowned composer Hans Zimmer is behind the music.

The Lion King will hit Aussie cinemas July 17.