The Knives Are Out For Jimmy Fallon After His Weak-Ass Golden Globes Opener

Jimmy Fallon was certainly never going to ruffle any feathers at the Golden Globes. Definitely not to the point of previous hosts like Ricky Gervais or Amy Poehler & Tina Fey. In terms of award show hosts, he’s pretty much a beige Volvo: safe as houses and bland as fuck.
But hooley freakin’ dooley, Fallon’s opening monologue was a woeful effort even by “Fallon hosts an award show” standards.
The problems began immediately, with Fallon walking on-stage to a broken teleprompter, leading to a few seconds of awkward fumbling and improv before the monitor was finally fixed, and we could get down to the real business of… a few tepid Donald Trump jokes.

The knives have already come out for Fallon’s cruise ship-ass material, with the Trump gags in particular the subject of ire given Fallon jovially joked around with the PEOTUS when Trump was a guest on ‘The Tonight Show‘ earlier in the year.

Shortly after the monologue we also got a Mariah Carey joke too, so if you’re marking your cards up at home you’re already halfway to Fallon Bingo.

Old mate’s got a long night ahead of him.

Photo: Christopher Polk, NBC/Getty.