Someone Cut A ‘Joker’ Trailer To The ‘Kath & Kim’ Theme & It’s Nice, It’s Different, It’s Serious

‘Joker’ has been one of the most-talked-about movies of the year, with people finding both good and bad things to pick out and squabble over. Personally I don’t really give a shit about the latest reboot of the same thing and the best Joker for me was Jack Nicholson in the borderline-terrifying and overbearingly-camp ‘Batman’ flicks from Tim Burton.

[jwplayer W6panGZf]

BUT there is one thing that I can get on board with when it comes to this, the New Joker, in 2019. And that’s taking its trailer and slapping it with early-00s Australiana camp realness in the form of the ‘Kath & Kim’ theme song.

Indeed, Joker should be soundtracked by The Joker. It makes perfect sense. It was originally a song by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for a 1964 play, but it’s been covered time and time again.

The one that works the best, obviously, is the flamboyant rendition from the one and only Kim Craig (Gina Riley), in the veins of the Queen herself, Shirley Bassey.

If you can’t picture what that would look and sound like, comedian Hayley Tantau has bequeathed us this fantastic gift.

So sit back and watch this masterpiece unfold, my god it’s beautiful.

Joaquin Phoenix now exists in the Kath & Kim universe. I’m sorry, it’s canon.