The First “World’s Highest Paid Actors” List Has Some Very Surprising Names

If you ever needed further proof that the world is a global community now more than ever, you need really only look towards the Film Industry.

Whilst in years previous there have been lists compiled that centre on Hollywood‘s highest paid actors as the centre of the world’s film universe, the truth is that film industries in India and China are at a point where the Hollywood dominance is no longer as clear cut as it once was.
And that is none more evident than in Forbes‘ first ever World’s Highest Paid Actors list, which not only looks at the earnings of Hollywood’s brightest leading men, but also those from China and Bollywood. And the results are bloody surprising.
Whilst Robert Downey Jr sits chiefly atop his well-earned throne as the (by far and away) highest paid actor on the planet, raking in a cool $80million, it’s second place that starts throwing up the eyebrow raises, with Jackie Chan sliding into the spot on a lazy $50million.
And that international flavour runs right through the top ten, with Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, and Akshay Kumar stitching up the 7th, 8th, and 9th spots on the list for their earnings – which put them all above names like Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Johnny Depp, and even Will Smith.
In fact, 8 actors managed to crack the Top 35 from outside of the Hollywood system, which is certainly no mean feat. The list also features 12 names that haven’t appeared on it in years prior, including Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, and Chris Pratt.
The full list, for your thirsting pleasure, is as follows.
1. Robert Downey Jr. – $80million
2. Jackie Chan – $50million
3. Vin Diesel – $47million
4. Bradley Cooper – $41.5million
5. Adam Sandler – $41million
6. Tom Cruise – $40million
7. Amitabh Bachchan – $33.5million
7. Salman Khan – $33.5million
9. Akshay Kumar – $32.5million
10. Mark Wahlberg – $32million
11. Dwayne Johnson – $31.5million
12. Johnny Depp – $30million
13. Leonardo DiCaprio – $29million
13. Channing Tatum – $29million
15. Chris Hemsworth – $27million
15. Daniel Craig – $27million
17. Matthew McConaughey – $26.5million
18. Shah Rukh Khan – $26million
18. Will Smith – $26million
20. Matt Damon – $25million
21. Hugh Jackman – $23million
22. Ben Affleck – $19.5million
22. Liam Neeson – $19.5million
24. Chow Yun-Fat – $18million
24. Russell Crowe – $18million
26. Seth Rogen – $17million
27. George Clooney – $16.5million
28. Brad Pitt – $16million
28. Jonah Hill – $16million
30. Will Ferrell – $15million
30. Ranbir Kapoor – $15million
32. Chris Evans – $13.5million
33. Chris Pratt – $13million
33. Andy Lau – $13million

Photo: ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images.

via Forbes.