Jennifer Lawrence Is No Longer The Highest Paid Female Actor In Hollywood

Nothing gold can stay, folks. And while Jennifer Lawrence has enjoyed her time on top of the pile as Hollywood’s highest paid female actor, her mantle has officially been toppled.

Forbes is in the process of drip feeding out their list of highest paid things for the year, and it’s Emma Stone who is the new top dog in the movie biz.

Stone’s role in La La Land didn’t just net her a Best Actress Academy Award, it also secured her the bulk of her whopping US$26million pre-tax earnings during Forbes’ twelve-month scoring period.

The Oscar-winning film’s US$445.3million global box office takings helped hoist Stone up to top of the pile after not even factoring in the top ten on last year’s list.

By contrast, Lawrence’s fortunes took a (relative) tumble after topping the list the past three years’ running. Lawrence hauled in US$24million over the past twelve months; an amount that’s nothing to be sneezed at, naturally. But it’s a far cry from her previous years’ earnings of US$46million. And, in fact, the $24mill is only enough to grab her third place on this year’s list.

That drop in earnings is not limited to just Lawrence, either. Overall the top ten highest paid female actors earned a combined US$172.5million, which is down a whopping 16% on last year’s combined figure of US$205million.

Forbes’ list of highest paid male actors for 2017 is due to arrive later in the week, and unsurprisingly it’s expected to utterly dwarf the figures earned by Hollywood’s highest paid females.

Nevertheless, peep this year’s top ten list for yourselves.

1. Emma Stone (US$26million)
2. Jennifer Anniston (US$25.5million)
3. Jennifer Lawrence (US$24million)
4. Melissa McCarthy (US$18million)
5. Mila Kunis (US$15.5million)
6. Emma Watson (US$14million)
6. Charlize Theron (US$14million)
8. Cate Blanchett (US$12million)
8. Julia Roberts (US$12million)
10. Amy Adams (US$11.5million)