10 Of The Best Bloody Ads To Have Ever Graced Our TV Screens / Lives

Ads. We’re exposed to hundreds every day – and some are, well, better than others. A lot of them take the sneaky route, trying to covertly bury the fact they want you to buy something. Others are overt as all hell, taking shameless ownership of their pls-buy-me-pls ways. This very article you’re reading, for instance, falls into the latter – this is an ad for Gruen, after all.

Given that we’re taking the shameless-plug road here, let me tell you more about why this great show is extremely deserving of your precious time. Gruen shines a light on the good, bad, and downright ugly components of all things advertising, branding and spin. Seeing as most of you are flung news of undeniably shitty things 24/7, we’re focusing on the ‘good’ component of this show’s themes by having a gander at some of the best TVCs ever created. BTW: TVC is media lingo for ‘television commercial‘. Feel free to drop that relatively useless acronym at your next dinner party.

Anway, here are a bunch of entertaining/iconic/eerily-memorable ads chosen by us here at P.TV, to demonstrate how powerful ads are, so you’re more inclined to watch a show about ads (AKA Gruen).

1. An ad that FINALLY put an end to poor Jan being marginalised about her height.

2. An ad that proved that the power of a jingle, combined with a menacing grin, knows no bounds.

3. An ad that showed the world that apes are, in fact, skilled percussionists.

4. An ad that reflected our inner-turmoils when it comes to purchasing them sweet treats.


5. An ad that was frighteningly accurate in its depiction of the average Australian dad.

6. An ad that made us laugh and feel hungry.


7. An ad that literally made the entire country want to vomit.

8. An ad that put a LOT of things into perspective.

9. An ad created by a bunch of men who were clearly overcompensating for something.


10. An ad that put a new bounce in our step.

We’re happy to admit that we haven’t even begun to cover off ALL of the most iconic/entertaining ads of all time. Best leave it to the experts, right? Y’know, folks like comedian Wil Anderson, PwC’s chief creative officer Russel Howcroft and ex-adman Todd Sampson. Oh, and wouldn’t it be great if they were joined by several in-the-know guest panellists? That’s righttttttttt. Such coverage actually exists. Remember how we mentioned that show, Gruen, before?

Yeah, well, if you’ve enjoyed taking this trip down thousands-of-dollars-were-spent-on-this-campaign lane, the tune into its ninth season – airing on Wednesdays at 8.30pm on ABC and iview.