SPICY: The Bachelorette Contestant Salaries Have Leaked Online Ahead Of Tonight’s Premiere

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Earlier this week, after we got out mitts on the names of The Bachelorette 2021 contestants, we tracked down each one on Instagram so thirsty fans can see and stalk the new crop of guys and gals ahead of tonight’s premiere.

If you had jumped on and sussed the new folks out, you will have noticed that, just like this year’s The Bachelor contestants, their Instagrams have been taken over by Ten staffers.

Each contestant’s Insta bio reads something along the lines of: “This account is currently managed by a third party on behalf of Jamie-Lee from 13 October 2021. Participant on #BacheloretteAU S7.”

Apparently The Bachelorette contestants received the exact same contract that The Bachelor contestants got earlier this year, which includes the $5000 hush money if they hand over their IG passwords, according to So Dramatic!.

But this time around, to save themselves from contestants bending the rules and making finstas (fake Instagrams) with spoilers and shady posts, Ten has apparently put a clause in there that peeps aren’t allowed to make new Instas while they’re contracted by the show. They’re also not allowed to follow each other at all.

So is that all they get? The $5000 hush money?

Well, an anonymous ex-contestant told News Corp that “you don’t get paid a wage as such, you get given a weekly expense allowance which is under $100 a day. It is below minimum wage.”

The salty star added that it’s “ridiculous what you get paid. A lot of the girls were excited to get that amount a week, but I was like ‘are you serious I wouldn’t get out of bed for that’.”

This intel was shared pre-hush money, mind you. So I’m guessing that this “minimum wage” is in addition to the $5000? Interesting…

It comes after Stephanie Lynch went rogue and created a finsta  one day before her eviction ep aired to spoil her ending and drag Bachie, Jimmy Nicholson.

In one post, Stephanie revealed that her time on The Bachelor was over, writing: “Ssgl out tonight. Thanks for all ur love & support over the last month!”

Then as the episode was airing, Stephanie shared footage from her Bachie viewing party, which quite a few of her mates attended, including Clare Lange who appeared on Locky Gilbert’s season.

In one video, Stephanie’s friends cheered as they watched her dramatic exit from the mansion.

In another vid, Stephanie and her mates can be seen giving the finger to the Jimmy cardboard cutout. Yikes!

An insider connected to Warner Bros. revealed that Stephanie ended up losing out on the $5K.

Apparently Steph was told that she wouldn’t be getting her “one-off performance bonus” after breaching her contract.

This year’s The Bachelorette contestants better check themselves, ‘cos Ten’s producers aren’t fucking around!

The Bachelorette kicks off tonight at 7:30pm on Ten.