Premiering on the ABC next year is Laid, a macabre six-part comedy series written and conceived by Marieke Hardy (who may warrant the designation “national treasure” if this matches her typically high standards) and Kirsty Fisher (Last Man Standing, Stingers). The principal cast includes Celia Pacquola, Toby Truslove, Abe Forsythe, Graeme Blundell and the wonderful Alison Bell who plays Market Researcher Roo McVie, the hapless and lovelorn protagonist whose sexual conquests keep dying. In short she’s like the Medusa of penises.

The first teaser also features a straight-faced Shaun Micallef as some kind of new-age gynecologist cum therapist. Existential crisis and talk of penis aneurysms ensue. Watch below…

Says the synopsis: “What happens when a bad one-night stand from your distant past dies in horrible circumstances on a beach in Fiji? Are you supposed to go to the funeral, even though the sum total of his sexual knowledge was gleaned from Revenge of the Nerds? Do you murmur platitudes about him to his loved ones despite his off-putting habit of yelling ‘TOUCHDOWN’ when he ‘finished’?

Roo McVie is faced with these questions and more when boring Brendan from her Uni days dies tragically on holiday. It’s enough to make any single girl re-live some of her murkier sexual moments. Not a pleasant place to visit, to be perfectly honest. But when a second ex leaves this mortal coil, she’s forced to dwell a little longer.

Add a third on to that, and things just start getting weird.

…Laid is a series about sex. Sex and death. Death and valour. Life and love. For Roo, it’s hard enough just trying to work out who she is and what it’s all about without being dragged back to her chequered bedroom past to protect her exes — and preserve her chance at true love.”