WATCH: Shaun Micallef Verbally Spars With Triple J’s Lewis Hobba

Turns out Shaun Micallef really is mad as hell.

The absolutely bloody brilliant Australian comedic performer is on the trail to promote his upcoming ABC series The Ex-PM (which premieres on Aunty TONIGHT AT 9PM, YOU GUYS), but in doing so he managed to bump into former Mad As Hell performer Veronica Milsom in her new-ish gig as presenter of Drive on Triple J, alongside broadcasting partner Lewis Hobba.
Hobba and Micallef? They uh… they don’t get along so well.

‘Course it’s important to remember at this point that this is all ~absolutely real~ and not in any way a product of Micallef’s trademark bone dry humour and penchant for shitstirring.
Nope. Not even at all.
Take a gander at the trailer for The Ex-PM, which puts Micallef into the shoes of a former long-serving Prime Minister who now has absolutely no idea what to do with all his free time, below.