In the kind of bullseye strike on my absurdly specific dartboard of interests that I could only ever dream about, it seems that the almighty Shaun Micallef has decided to undertake an abrupt mid-career shift away from scripted comedy and into the world of youth crew hardcore punk rock, thanks to one of the most unlikely guest vocal appearances you’re ever likely to see.

On Saturday night, Micallef took the microphone and temporarily fronted Melbourne straightedge hardcore outfit Pure Instinct during a show held at the Brick & Mortar Supply store and event space in Prahran in Melbourne’s south.

Micallef even went so far as to X up his hands in thick black marker; the fairly unmistakable calling card of the straightedge subculture.

Footage and images of the appearance quickly began circling social media over the weekend, with Micallef leading the small-but-heaving crowd in a mid-song breakdown. Old mate even had the wherewithal to throw out mic grabs and pit calls during his brief cameo.

As it turns out, the show was thrown together by Micallef himself, in conjunction with Melbourne record label Life.Lair.Regret., as part of on-going filming for his upcoming three-part documentary series Shaun Micallef On The Sauce, which looks into Australia’s relationship with alcohol and our culture of binge drinking.

Punters at the gig were reportedly told the show was being filmed by ABC cameras, and parts of the gig are expected to wind up in the final cut, which is set to air at some point in 2020.

Dead set, would pay obscene amounts of money for a first press 7″ of a dirty, low-fi D-Beat crust band fronted by Micallef. Hook it directly to me veins.