A Mega Swiftie Chose To Ditch Her Aunt’s Funeral To Catch Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour In Melb

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been hearing some pretty intense stories about Swifties who will do almost anything for Eras Tour tickets. But a woman from Adelaide has seemingly done the unthinkable in the name of seeing Taylor Swift: skipping a funeral. JFC.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when we heard the story of a bridesmaid who ditched her friend’s wedding for the Eras Tour. Honestly, I didn’t think any other cooked fan story could top that.

Well, long story short. I was fucking wrong.

It began with the 107.1 SAFM Breakfast Show with Bec & Soda on Thursday morning. Hosts Rebecca Morse and Mark Soderstrom were taking in calls from Swifties across the nation, asking them what they would be willing to skip to catch T-Swift’s Eras Tour.

The pair got a plethora of answers, which included missing work and a wedding, however, a listener named Khiara, hailing all the way from Hillbank said she was willing to skip her Auntie’s (Aunty Barbara) funeral.

Oh. My. GAWSH.

Khiara revealed on the show that the funeral was set to take place on Friday at 1pm, which is night one of the Eras Tour.

“I’m a really big Swiftie. I would do anything, clearly, if I’m missing a funeral,” the caller said.

“The body is being flown from Queensland. It’s a really big deal. There’s gonna be so many family members there and I’m willing to upset everyone to go.”

When asked if she thought the whole ordeal through, Khiara said it was a “once in a lifetime thing” to see the Red singer.

“In a respectful way, like, this is one in a lifetime to see Taylor Swift. I will do anything,” Khiara pleaded.

“I have memories with her and I have said goodbye. I can get someone to take a card for me.”

Ummm, this can’t be real life. That is soooo fucking cold. The listener went down a list of family members who would be gutted if she ditched Aunt Barb for a pop star who doesn’t know she exists.

However, it was her mother Jodie who she was most worried about as it was her sister’s funeral.

Worried about causing a family feud — or start up some “Bad Blood” as some Swifties would say — Bec and Soda refused to sling the T-Swift tickets to Khiara unless her mum would join them on the radio and give her daughter permission.

Once Jodie finally joined the call, it was straight to CRINGE CITY, as Khiara pleaded for her mum’s approval for the tickets.

Remember, she wants to skip her mum’s sister’s funeral for Taylor fucking Swift.

“You know it’s the funeral, Khiara,” Jodie sternly told her daughter on live radio.

“What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say to the family?

“You’re gonna be shamed forever.”

( Image source: Getty Images /TAS23 )

Khiara went on to say that she would “take the blame for Tay Tay”. YUARK. I just got a sharp pain in my belly button from cringe.

Jodie went on to say that she suffers from “mum guilt” but eventually caved into her daughter’s cursed pleas.

“This is typical you, but I’ll just go with it and live with it,” Jodie said.

To make matters even more icky is that Khiara told her grieving mother that “she would be ok by Saturday”. Get fucked.

Bec and Soda asked Jodie a second time if Khiara had her blessing for Taylor Swift, and you can physically hear the disappointment oozing from the airwaves.

“My kids know I will do anything for them, but this is like going to the next level,” the mother told the hosts.

“I’ll just have to deal with it, won’t I? That’s OK. I’m not gonna take it away from my daughter but I’m disappointed and very bittersweet. But it is what it is.”

After pouring her heart out, Khiara sprung another bombshell on her and asked her mother to come to Melbs as a babysitter.

Bec and Soda eventually gave the tickets to Khiara, and just like the mother I am disappointed.

As my own mother told me. If I have nothing to say, I shouldn’t say it at all BUT I am going to say: no matter who it is or what it is, I would never miss a family member’s death for a damn celebrity who wouldn’t miss anything for me. Not even Beyoncé or Michael Jackson if he somehow returns.

I hope Aunty Barbara is resting peacefully and that the grieving family find some closure following her funeral proceedings.