Tatum & Gordon-Levitt Form Smutty Dream Team For New R-Rated Musical

You guys.

It’s one thing to sing, dance and act; it’s another to top that triple-threat with a healthy dose of unthinkable smut. 

Because we’re a lucky bunch, two actors who are very capable of delivering on all counts – that’s Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, by the way – have been confirmed to head up a new, R-rated musical comedy for Universal. And that’s a bloody exciting prospect indeed.

The Hollywood Reporter says Wicked’s producer Mark Platt is heading up the project, which will apparently see CT + JGL as “two pilots on a misadventure.”  Maybe they haven’t dropped the project’s name yet ’cause they’re working on something better than Pearl Harbor II: Electric Boogaloo; regardless, holy shit, this could be good. 
The project comes after Tatum’s much-hyped tap-dance number in the Coen Bros’ Hail Caesar!; of course, in case you’d forgotten, Gordon-Levitt’s pretty spry himself. The pair will be teaming up after appearing in 2008’s Stop-Loss, and, well, after Tatum broke into Gordon-Levitt’s fucking house. 

No release date has been set – in fact, details are spare on the ground in general – but that hardly matters when these two are attached, does it? 


Source: The Hollywood Reporter.
Photo: Tristan Fewings / Tim P. Whitby / Getty.