WATCH: Channing Tatum Goes Full Beyoncé In This ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Trailer

It’s really only necessary to say six words at this point: Channing Tatum, Lip Sync Battle, Beyoncé.

The surprisingly popular show, a spin off from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, returns next month for a second season, and brings with it a bevy of insane guest stars to duke it out for lip sync dominance.
The below trailer, which arrived online earlier today, features Gigi Hadid taking on The Backstreet Boys, Joseph Gordon Levitt doing his Janet Jackson, and Christina Aguilera harking back to the ‘Lady Marmalade‘ era, amongst many others.
The best bit, however, is the brief glimpse we get of C-Tates crushing Beyoncé’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’, complete with a Bey costume and some fire dance moves. Be still our beating hearts:

“Lip Sync Battle” Season 2 Trailer

Christina Aguilera! Backstreet Boys! Beyoncé? As BuzzFeed’s exclusive Lip Sync Battle Season 2 trailer shows, these celebrities will do anything — and call anyone — to win!

Posted by BuzzFeed Entertainment on Monday, December 14, 2015

Neither here nor there, but Google’s auto-complete suggestions for ‘Channing Tatum lip sync battle’ prove that there are some thirsty Tatum Fans – Tater Tots? – out there. Get it, people. 

BTW, here’s a GIF of Channing Tautm’s Beyoncé dance, for your records: 

Story: Vanity Fair