Channing Tatum Broke Into Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s House To Prove He Could

While Channing Tatum gently creeping into your house while you sleep may be a fairly common sex dream, it’s a reality that Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually got to experience, as Channing attempted to prove a point about his security, or lack thereof.
In a recent Gotham Magazine feature, Tatum interviewed Gordon-Levitt about upcoming movie The Walk, and mentioned the time that he broke into his good mate’s apartment, just to prove that he could.
The relevant exchange went a little something like:
CT: My experience with you in New York has been uniquely interesting. 

JGL: You mean the time you climbed up the space of my apartment, broke into my house, and surprised me when I was sleeping in order to prove that I should probably take better care to protect myself because if you were ill intentioned you could have murdered me? That time?
OH YOU GUYS, STOP. Gordon-Levitt does not mention whether he actually improved his security after the incident, but either way, our new life goal is to become BFFs with Channing Tatum. Be right back, doing that.
via Gotham Magazine
Photo: Paul Archuleta / Brad Barket via Getty Images