Sydney Web Series Says Welcome To The Eastern Suburbs, Bitch!

“Rich law students try to balance work, life and study” might be as enticing a premise as people sell their shit in a Detroit pawn shop but ten part student focused web series SYD2030 does its best to mine some pathos from the privilege. The pilot focuses on Cameron Hunter, an academic wunderkind and heir to a Sydney legal empire who has a beautiful girlfriend and the perfect life – or so it seems. When a mysterious “she” comes back into his life everything he’s worked for threatens to disintegrate.

Described as Sydney’s answer to Gossip Girl (only with 1/100000th of the budget and no professionals or scene stealing Polish maids) the series centers on the eponymous, Harbour adjacent postcode which encompasses Vaucluse, Watsons Bay and Dover Heights ie. people who own boats and box seats to the next Sydney Roosters home game. The acting’s periodically wooden (sure), most of the characters could be described as “smarmy” and there’s a deeply unrealistic bowtie to human ratio but it’s encouraging to see that anyone with a dream (and a 7D!) can go out and make their own internet television show. Watch the pilot episode below…