WATCH: New Series “Celebrating” The Many ‘Burbs And Loose Units Of Sydney

Welcome to the Streets of Sydney

“The 8 episode series is a mockumentary web series exploring the stereotypical, but mostly undocumented sub-cultures of this glorious city. Within the 8 episodes, we explore the Western Suburbs, the North Shore, the Bible Belt (The Hills District), The Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Inner City, Inner West and of course The Shire.

The Humans Of New York-style production takes a closer look at the well-known locals that our society chooses to forget: the gamblers, the brawlers, the pretentious, the larrikins and the bigots.”

Together the five mates behind the series – which originally started as a way to fill time between bar shifts – make up ‘More Chillis Productions‘. For any pub fans out there, you may recognise their name from whence it came: the More Chillis pokie machines from your local.


After one of the team won big on said machine in a South Sydney hotel they collectively decided to make a sound investment in sound and camera gear.

To see whether or not that decision will pay off, watch the first episodes below and check out the lads, all of whom appear on camera at least once in throughout. You’ll be spewin’ if you miss it. 

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