Tom Gleeson Torched Sydney In The Latest Ep Of His Anti-Travel Series ‘Go Away’

It feels like punching down to write this from beautiful Melbourne, Victoria, but here goes: ABC talk show The Weekly has taken a steaming dump on Sydney, using its Go Away segment to summarise the antipathy towards Australia’s largest city.

[jwplayer ggl5aSEt]

You can likely guess which topics were up for discussion. There’s Bondi Beach, which host Tom Gleeson calls the Foster’s of Sydney beaches. If you’re Australian with a modicum of beer literacy, that’s all the explanation you need. There’s the harbour, which is nice, but is ringed by property which neither you nor anyone you know will ever be able to afford. 

And then there’s the segment from Susie Youssef, who ambles around the remnants of Kings Cross and remarks on its nightlife culture, like some kind of archaeologist focussed on very recent history.

To give much more away would be against the spirit of the segment, which has previously blasted cities like Tamworth and Launceston. If you’re the kind of person who considers Sydney to be nicer – or worse – than those places, have a gander below: