Fire Damaged Sydney House Covered In Bird Shit Sells For $2.1M

As the housing affordability crisis continues to worsen and the dream of ever owning a home within a day’s drive of Sydney slowly lets out its dying breath, at least we have one thing to look forward to: a torrent of stories of absolutely monstrous houses getting sold for even more monstrous amounts of money
Say, for instance, you’d like to live in Surry Hills, but you’ve only got a measly $2.1 million to spend. Well, clearly that’s not going to get you very far, but if you were willing to make a few sacrifices on things like, say, whether or not the house was falling apart, it could have bought you this lovely home:
I will have to concede, the real estate photographer in charge of taking these snaps is apparently a very good photographer and quite intent on making the best of a bad situation. Some of these photos make the place actually look kind of amazing, in a weird Wes Anderson-y kinda way.
This is all well and good until you realise that the house is for living in and not just for taking photos of your band. The rest of the house doesn’t scrub up quite so good either:
If that still looks pretty appealing to you, also keep in mind that it also caught on fire at one point in the last six month and, according to locals, has a balcony that is absolutely covered in bird shit. How delightful!

Don’t be too disheartened though – you’ll never have to live somewhere like that (because you will never be able to afford your own home). Sorry.

Source and photos: Domain.