Sydney Cemetery Staff Dressed By The Kardashian Kollection, For Some Reason

Here’s a story that feels weird and gross (also, altogether ooky) for reasons that can’t quite be defined: staff at Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery will, from this month, be dressed by the Kardashian Kollection

It’d be unnecessarily harsh to say one of the reasons it feels gross is because the Kardashian family is like an awful grub feeding on the corpse of popular culture, much like actual grubs who feast on actual corpses at Rookwood Cemetery, so let’s straight up not say that. Let’s walk away from that simile! Instead, let’s focus on the fact that it’s good that staff at the cemetery get to wear the clothes they collectively decided they want to wear.
CEO Fiona Heslop said the staff “put forward a wish list, and they wanted to look stylish and proud of what they were wearing… The Kardashians are aware of it, because they did make comment saying the Kardashians even dress the dead. They thought it was quirky that we wanted to create a uniform from it.”
Cool! I mean, technically they’re not “dressing the dead”, but maybe that could be the next big business opportunity: Kardashian Kadavers, celebrity embalmers. My invoice is already in the post.