MAFS’ Susie & Todd Carney Are Engaged, So Are You Telling Me… The Experts Were… Wrong?

Some huge news coming out of the MAFSsphere this morning.

Susie Bradley of MAFS circa 2019 fame has confirmed that she is engaged to former NRL bad boy, Todd Carney.

Susie reportedly confirmed the engagement in an IG post yesterday, but as I got my creep on this arvo it is apparent she has deleted her profile? New for a reality TV star.

The lovebirds live on the Gold Coast, where Carney works as a concreter. In all honesty, they look happy as fuck. It’s easy to tell because we all sure as shit know what it looks like when Susie isn’t happy.

She and Todd were first spotted together in March 2019, the very month her famously cringe TV wedding to barista & aspiring personal trainer and male model Billy Vincent aired on MAFS.

Billy and Susie are in my personal MAFS hall of fame, as the most disasterous pairing of MAFS history. I don’t say that lightly.

MAFS fans will remember that Susie’s iconic dad Steve called this one at the wedding.

Oh god…

Here it comes…

Todd Carney, she wanted Todd Carney. Petition for Steve to join the experts’ team. I tried to get Steve on the phone to get his take and predictions on Susie & Todd pairing but his people haven’t responded.

I hope Todd sees more action on the wedding night than Billy did and better fortune in general.

“Yeah I just can’t do this anymore, ay”