The New Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Gave Us Warrior Peach *And* Damsel In Distress Luigi

New The Super Mario Bros. Trailer

The official trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has dropped and I am delighted to say it actually looks really fkn good, despite Chris Pratt‘s grating American twang.

The new trailer was released on Wednesday morning and has replenished my serotonin levels to amounts that will make me as unstoppable as the film’s girlbossified Princess Peach.

I’m not kidding: in the trailer, Luigi (Charlie Day) is the damsel in distress who must be saved, and Peach (voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy!!!!) goes on the heroic quest to save him as the badass warrior princess she is. She takes charge while Mario is just there, I guess?

Have a peep below, you’re in for a colourful treat:

Naturally, fans of our beloved Mario brothers are having a fkn field day at a) what a gorgeous movie this looks to be, visually and b) its subversive nature.

Badass Peach and incompetent Mario is actually going to be so fun to watch, I am so ready.

Others noted that while Mario’s ass has been scrubbed out of existence of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen) remains cheeked-up AF. You win some, you lose some.

Of course, the only thing that isn’t up to scratch is Chris Pratt’s voice. We already know it sucks because of the teaser clip released earlier this year, but we’ve now heard enough to know there’s no surprises waiting.

Pratt claimed we would all be impressed when his much-hyped performance as Mario was revealed because he had some some serious voice training, but spoiler alert: his Mario just sounds like himself, with his southern American twang. Even Luigi sounds off. The Italian erasure is real.

Someone show these American actors the Brazilian dub of the trailer, which nailed both Mario and Luigi’s voices perfectly. How did we become so robbed on this side of the planet???

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released in Australia before the US, on March 30 2023. I’m counting down the days.