In a cross from Windsor in the UK this morning (or late last night UK time) as a part of the ongoing Baby Watch 2019 for Sunrise, a little shit who was up very much past Prime Possum bedtime took his moment in the Aussie spotlight to flip the bird to the entire nation.

Live TV is a special hell unto its own, where anything can happen. Early morning TV is a whole ‘nother game that involves journos being up and peppy at ludicrous hours. And inside that, a live cross from the other side of the world to perfectly sync up with live morning TV is probably the worst, because to hit that perfect 8am timeslot, you’ve gotta stay up to like 11pm. That’s bed time.

It’s also absolutely bedtime for the tiny ratbag who hung out of the back window of (presumably) his parents’ car to give the middle-finger salute and grin his little head off while Sunrise reporter Edwina Bartholomew was blissfully unaware, trying to do her job.

I can only imagine that his Dad was probably behind the wheel, and probably either dared him/egged him on or had no idea and promptly went home and sent the little dickhead to bed with no supper or whatever the Brits have at 11pm on a Saturday night.

Check out the footage from Sunrise below, it’s a real pearler and hoo boy I wonder where Aussies get their true dickhead spirit from huh.

Imagine trying to tell off the wee brat for this; it’s like the pinnacle of parenting where you’ve gotta be stern and serious about bad behaviour but also it’s so fucking funny.

Let us all have the candour of the Windsor Window Bird-Flipper this week, with that shit-eating grin on our faces when we know we’ve done something kinda naughty but also really, really funny.

Image: Ch7 / Sunrise