RIP To This Journo Who Realised He Was Interviewing Fluffy Puckered Anuses Live On TV


Melbourne performance artist Will Huxley and a Channel 7 reporter who didn’t do his research before appearing on live TV surrounded by fluffy sea urchin “anuses” have given us the best live cross segment of the year. Full stop.

Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and David Koch crossed to weatherman Sam Mac on Wednesday morning for a quick interview with iconic performance group Discordia who are part of Melbourne’s Rising arts festival.

Mac was positioned in front of the group of half a dozen performers covered head to toe in blush pink sequinned costumes complete with big, round, fluffy head pieces.

“We’re here for the Rising festival, which is a new festival in Melbourne, it started last week,” Mac began as the performers stroked him and each other with tiny rakes.

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Mac then made the genius move of asking performer Will Huxley what they were all doing… without having checked first. Clearly he’d never heard of the Huxleys.

“Tell us what this is please!” he said as he raised the microphone to one of the giant furry discs.

“Yes well, we worship the natural world and these creations are actually inspired by sea urchins and also giant fluffy anuses,” Huxley replied.

Dead. I have died.

Huxley goes on to explain that sea urchins have anuses where their mouths are, but the science is lost among the laughter from the studio and a very red-faced Mac who simply did not know where to look.

“[Urchins] also love Ricky Martin,” Huxley said.

“Oh who doesn’t love Ricky Martin?!” Mac laughed very awkwardly.

“Thanks for bringing it back to our Sunrise audience.”

The cut back to the hosts’ reactions in the studio was *chef’s kiss*.

Barr and Koch reacting to the words “fluffy anus” on live TV on Wednesday.

“Yeah look I probably should’ve asked that question before the segment but now you know!”

Yes, Sam. Yes.

Huxley posted the iconic “breaking news” clip to Instagram on Wednesday morning.

“Discordiants worships sea urchins and the marvellous fact they have an anus where their mouth would normally be. Nature is sublime,” he wrote.

This will go down as one of the funniest live crosses in Australian TV history.