Happy Pride Month: Linktree Has Changed Its Logo To A Butthole

linktree logo

Champion of the link in bio and a lover of a green colour scheme, Linktree, has unveiled its new logo. In doing so, however, the company has revealed that it clearly doesn’t employ gays because the new image looks like a butt hole getting rammed.

Tell me to get my mind out of the gutter all you want but you can’t deny what the new logo looks like. Stare into its void-like gaze. Look into it for at least two minutes and then tell me with a straight face that it doesn’t look like a butthole.

And that little line at the bottom? That’s either a poop coming out or a peen going in. A real pick your poison situation. Who the hell designed this?

This is the blunt they use in the nightmare blunt rotation.

The new design was made by design firm Collins, who made the Spotify logo. Apparently, they pride themselves on drawing black lines over a green background and making millions for it.

If I squint hard enough I can see the vague shape of a tree that they were going for. Still though, it looks more like a broken asterisk than a tree.

The video version of the logo isn’t any better, either — it’s like watching a cat’s butthole getting formed from a swampy abyss.

If you’re pure of mind and insist that all you see is a tree, first of all, grow up.

Look at Linktree’s previous logo. It’s a tree! And a pointing mouse icon that clicks onto links! Get it! Some genius design right here. I miss it already.

RIP in peace old Linktree logo.

Linktree currently boasts 23 million users worldwide. I have no idea how it’s going to innovate link in bios with its new design, but that’s what it’s promising.

“Linktree believes the potential of the space has been underestimated to date,” said Linktree co-founder Alex Zaccaria in a press release.

“We strongly believe that anyone has the ability to grow highly engaged, connected audiences and monetize what they do through a single link.

“Our new identity is befitting of the vision of the company, as some of that starts to be realised, with so much more on the way.”

Imagine realising your true potential with a butthole logo. I mean, it is pride month, so go off kings. We stan bottom allyship.

You can watch the trailer for the new brand design below, which looks straight out of the Apple product advertisement playbook.