Succession S3 Finally Has A Teaser, A Premiere Date, And All Your Favourite, Terrible People

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If you heard some incoherent screaming today, that was me after finding out we’ve finally had a glimpse of Succession season three. All my terrible adult sons are back! And Shiv, who has the energy of a terrible adult son.

It’s been a long, long wait since the season two cliffhanger. If you’ll recall, Kendall Roy evolved into Killer Kendall, metaphorically murdering his dad in front of the world’s media. Those episodes aired in late 2019, and thanks to a little something called the pAnDeMiC, we’ve had to wait two long years to find out what happened next. (Although the show did win a bunch of Emmys, which is nice.)

Well, no longer. HBO Max released the first Succession season three teaser today, and it’s a doozy. We open with Kendall talking to himself in a mirror: “You are Kendall Roy. You are fucking Kendall Roy.” Yes Kendall, well done.

Then we’re back in Waystar Roy’s executive floor. Roman is waiting for his brother to arrive “with his stupid walk”. Logan Roy has to be physically restrained from beating the living shit out of his first born, and then we cut back to Kendall, throwing his fist in the air. “The revolution will be televised!” he cries. Yes! King!!!!

Meanwhile, Tom and Greg are off somewhere, kept out of the big adult stuff but nonetheless lapping up crumbs where they can. “Logan’s gonna fire a million poisonous spiders down your dickie,” Tom breathes down the phone to Greg. Oh, sweetie. Logan doesn’t think about you at all.

Once again, the big plot point this season seems to be who will take over Waystar Roy? Shiv still can’t decide which horse to back, but she might be teaming up with Roman, which is a duo I could honestly see working.

The family is also dealing with the fallout from the Senate hearings, still deciding (probably) on who is going to jail, and whatever the fuck is going on with Tom and Shiv’s marriage. See also: Connor’s political ambitions.

We also have a few newcomers this season: vampire daddy Alexander Skarsgård as a “successful, confrontational tech founder and CEO”, and Adrien Brody as a “billionaire activist investor who becomes pivotal in the battle for the ownership of Waystar”, according to Variety.

Foxtel said Succession season three is coming “Spring 2021”, which is roughly September / October. Until then, you can (and should) stream seasons one and two on Binge right now.