Here’s The Moment Stevie Nicks Thought Harry Styles Was In NSYNC

Stevie Nicks

The legendary Stevie Nicks was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame yesterday by superfan Harry Styles, and in one especially delightful moment, the singer got her boybands mixed up, and thought that Styles was a member of NSYNC.

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Styles introduced Stevie with a speech about the magic of her music and telling the audience: “Whenever you hear her voice, life gets a little bit better. When she sings, the world is hers, and it is yours.” She thanked him for his kind words, but tripped up a little in the process.

A video of the moment has since emerged, and you can watch it below:

She said:

“Well, we met quite a long time ago actually. And what I really loved about Harry, was that when he decided to make a solo record from NSYNC, he chose to make… NSYNC, not NSYNC, sorry, I’m never gonna live that one down, I know that. One Direction. I liked One Direction too, so …”

Stevie Nicks opened the show with a performance of her hit ‘Stand Back‘, and also played ‘Edge Of Seventeen‘, ‘Leather & Lace‘ with Don Henley and ‘Stop Draggin My Heart Around‘, with Harry Styles performing the Tom Petty vocal.

In another clip from his introduction, Styles said that Stevie’s Fleetwood Mac classic ‘Dreams‘ was the first song to which he knew all the words, although as a child, he thought it was a song about the weather, which was equally adorable: