The Greatest ‘Simpsons’ Ep Has Been Honoured With An Hour-Long Special

An all-time great episode of The Simpsons is being honoured with an hour-long mockumentary special. That sure sounds like self-important overkill, but good Lord, the fan-serving trailer for Springfield Of Dreams: “Homer At The Bat” is enough to get us hyped.

Twenty-five years after Mr Burns enlisted a crew of Major League Baseball stars – and Homer Simpson – to bolster the nuclear power plant’s softball team, Supersize Me director Morgan Spurlock has crafted an in-universe retelling of the classic episode.

Featuring a host of the real-life ballers enlisted for the episode, along with ‘interviews’ from Homer, Moe, Chief Wiggum, Apu, and Comic Book Guy, the Fox Sports special mimics the work of legendary documentarian Ken Burns.

Here’s the trailer, which features Burns’ narration:

And here’s the inspiration, a clip from Burns’ very real, loving, and exhaustive look at the sport:

Springfield Of Dreams comes a few months after Homer was, uh, ‘inducted’ into the real-world Baseball Hall Of Fame due to his on-screen exploits.

The special will go to air on Sunday in the US. While you wait for it to arrive in Australia, maybe make sure your sideburns are in tip-top shape.