Spencer & Heidi Have Dropped A Shitty Home Music Vid For Taylor’s ‘LWYMMD’

Everyone’s favourite attention-seekers are back at it again. I bet even when you read that sentence, you knew I was talking of your problematic 2007 loves, Spencer & Heidi Pratt.

Clearly, these two washed-up ex-The Hills stars have plenty of time on their hands, because they’ve filmed and edited an entire music video for Taylor Swift’s already-iconic track ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘. And it is wild, friends. And by wild I mean, very tame, incredibly stupid, terribly produced and badly lip-synched. Did I watch to the end though? HELL YEAH I DID.

I’ve got so many questions. Why do you guys keep turning your hair fluorescent? It doesn’t even look real. Why are you obsessed with this one hummingbird? It’s cool and all but why is it in this video? Who taught you your dance moves? I need their number.

Spencer also posted this ‘promo’ on Instagram and oh lord, this is better than the crystal years.

One thing’s for sure – I’ll be posting selfies with all my future soup meals and tagging them ‘Soup Life’ forevermore. Thank you, Spencer.