Truly, Spencer and Heidi Pratt (nee Montag) are the gift that keeps on giving – if you love trashy American reality TV throwbacks from the mid-00’s. A very specific audience, yes – but we are a passionate one, aren’t we.

If you’re still an avid follower of TV’s most notorious reality villains, you’re aware that the couple just welcomed their first beb, a lil’ boy named Gunner Stone (oddly normal name for them, no?) into the world on Sunday – but not before doing some seriously extra photo shoots, of course.

What you may not be aware of is that Spencer’s crystal love is truly alive and well, if not at peak levels.

Spencer And Heidi Had $34K Worth Of Crystals In Their Delivery Suite

The ex-Hills star tweeted thanks to LA store Crystalarium for gifting a whopping AUD$34,000 worth of crystals to fill Heidi’s delivery suite with.

Spencer’s been a fan of the store for a while. Check out this sweet nugget of an Instagram pic, where he replicates THAT Hills moment.

$34K of crystals is a LOT of celestial power, though. Honestly I’m shocked that baby didn’t come walking out of the womb on air, glowing like Mr. Burns in that Simpsons episode.

Spencer And Heidi Had $34K Worth Of Crystals In Their Delivery Suite

I for one am pleased Spencer hasn’t lost his deep adoration for crystals over the years. I’m also well into his new obsession with hummingbirds:

Body Language

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Which he’s keen to pass on to his new son asap.

Name a more iconic reality tv duo. I’ll wait.

Image: Instagram / @spencerpratt