Having a relationship and its subsequent breakup scrutinised by people who weren’t a part of it is never a particularly fun exercise, so I imagine having to explain it to every yahoo with the capacity to watch A Current Affair can’t be hugely thrilling. Nevertheless, Sophie Monk has gone on the program to open up her recently truncated relationship with Stu Laundy to an autopsy-by-interview.

As always, Monk was charming and forthright, not shying away at all from talking frankly about how pretty much the whole experience sucked – from having to stage make-outs for the sake of paparazzi to re-evaluating her plans for the future in the face of them being very suddenly changed.

While you might assume that not a single living soul goes on a reality TV dating show with the expectation that they will actually find love (might find a book deal or spin-off, though), it appears Monk was completely earnest in her hopes, and the relationship ending has her a bit shook.

She says that since the breakup she’s been starting the process of seeking fertility treatment:

I’d love to be a mum, I think I’m going to have to freeze eggs at this point which I’m willing to do and I’m looking into right now. . .I’ve made a plan, it’s just the injections and all that stuff, fitting into the schedule.

Monk told ACA that the breakup mainly happened because they were “very different people” and that they had been talking about it before the Instagram post which was, according to Laundy, how he found out that he had been broken up with: “We didn’t break up via Instagram. I’m not just gonna announce it on Instagram.” She also denied Laundy’s suggestion that they broke up because she loved to party too much, saying that anyone who knows her who read that was “pissing themselves laughing” because it’s impossible to get her out of the house.

Asked if she had anything she’d like to say to him, she said she did, but if she said it, they’d “have to cut it out“, clarifying that it was nothing “mean“, just disappointed.

You can watch the full episode here, if you’re so inclined.

Image: Getty Images / James D Morgan