Well whaddya know, Bachelorette queen Sophie Monk has topped WHO Magazine‘s sexiest people list of 2017.

Honestly, is anyone surprised?

Sophie Monk Named WHO Mag’s Sexiest Person Of 2017 & Is Anyone Surprised?

As well as being objectively gorgeous by any metric, as this season of The Bachelorette proved she’s also in possession of the driest sense of humour known to man.

Sophie actually told WHO that it was Stu‘s sense of humour that led her to pick him in the end.

“My dad said, ‘You’ve got to go with humour’ and I agree,” she said. “You’ve got to laugh. You’re going to have stresses everywhere, but it’s the best thing you can do.”

Extremely cute stuff for the new + happy couple. She also said that if she got to the end and didn’t actually like anyone, she’d have just walked away – which, let’s be real, a lot of us were rooting for THIS WHOLE TIME.

“The show made me more… I learnt a lot about myself. I had to be strong because I had to stand up for myself because things were moving so quickly. I was scared going in, but I knew the success rate, so that’s why I did it. I’d choose no one at the end if I wanted to — I wouldn’t be able to fake it. I couldn’t.”

Kinda nips those gross ‘faking it for the attention’ rumours in the bud.

Anyway, here’s our girl Sophie, looking absolutely babin’.

All in all, 2017 has been a very good year for Sophie Monk, and since we’re all now invested in her happiness let’s all agree to protect her at all costs. Okay?

Read the full interview over at WHO.