The Internet Fkn Stans Sohla El-Waylly, The Heart And Soul Of ‘Bon Appetit’ Test Kitchen

sohla bon appetit

The internet is showing their love and support for Bon Appetit’s assistant food editor Sohla El-Waylly after the company faced backlash for their treatment of staff members of colour, including a pretty hefty pay disparity.

In case you missed it, the whole saga kicked off after a photo (former) editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport doing brownface surfaced online. Although Rapoport quickly resigned following the ordeal, the picture was enough to spark a conversation around racism in the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen.

El-Waylly, who is regularly seen cooking circles around other chefs in the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen, took to Instagram to allege that only white editors at the company were compensated for their video appearances (on top of their usual salary).

Sohla was hired on a salary of $50,000USD ($71,899AUD) per year to “assist mostly white editors with significantly less experience than me,” she alleges. While that’s not exactly a nothing salary, it doesn’t get you much when you’re living in NYC. And it’s especially not great when you’re working as an entertainment personality and not getting compensated accordingly.

Following her statement, thousands of Bon Appetit fans on Twitter were quick to point out that she’s one of the Test Kitchen’s most talented chefs, highlighting her countless incredible moments in the show.

When it’s highlighted like this, it truly illustrates just how important Sohla is to the Test Kitchen team, and she deserves to be compensated for that.

Anyways, to celebrate our queen Sohla, here are some of the most wholesome tweets about her.

We simply cannot help but stan.

All hail Sohla, the most talented member of the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

Give us the Sohla cookbook deal we all want.

Sohla is a goddamn treasure and she deserves love and respect. All hail our QUEEN.