So Orlando Bloom Threw A Punch At Justin Bieber

Sigh. Look, we know, alright? We know. But we can’t ignore it. So let’s all just grit our teeth and get this over with, ok?
Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber apparently got into something of a donnybrook in a nightclub or restaurant or bar or whatever in Ibiza. There. That is literally the entire story from start to finish.
Bloom took a swing at Beebs, but it didn’t connect on account of JB’s bodyguard stepping in and deflecting the blow. A scuffle ensued, Bieber apparently shouted the ultra-classy phrase “What’s up, bitch?” and after everyone simmered down, the Biebmeister left which allegedly drew applause from other patrons.

There is a video of the “punch” here. Don’t argue with me, just watch it.

But instead of leaving it there like a regular human should, Bieber just went straight ahead and embraced the petulant little shit within yet again and posted this to Instagram.

What was it about? Probably women or something ultra-manly and not at all ridiculous because petty, perceived male ownership and blah blah blah.
There. It’s done. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Kind of like ripping off a band-aid. The important thing is we got through this, and we got through it together. Gimme five!
Go… go us.

Photos: Frazer Harrison & Angela Weiss via Getty Images.

via TMZ.