Justin Bieber‘s holiday in Ibiza has already given us the precious gift of Orlando Bloom taking a swing at him over rumours that he and Bloom’s estranged wife Miranda Kerr enjoyed carnal knowledge of each other a couple of years ago. And as the sweet boy of Canada’s vacation continues, yet more tantalising nuggets of gossip keep plopping gently into the waters of our consciousness.

For instance, we learned that shortly before the fight, Leonardo DiCaprio “flicked” him away from his table, and that during the fight DiCaprio was “flipping out and Lindsay Lohan was trying to call them“. 

Now the Kardashians are involved, and in the classiest way imaginable: Bieber posted a selfie with Kris Jenner and tagged her daughters Kylie and Kendall in it, adding “who’s you daddy”. NICE:

Insinuating you had sex with your friends’ mother? Classy move. Later, he took this pic with Kim and Kanye, who’s face – as usual – tells no lies:

Welp, you know what they say: if Kanye West thinks you’re a bit much, chances are you are a BIT MUCH.