‘Tasteless’: SNL Ripped On The Try Guys Debacle W/ A Skit That’s Gone Down Like A Lead Balloon

That whole cheating shitstorm involving The Try Guys bloke Ned Fulmer has dominated the news, social media and our IRL conversations for weeks, so naturally it became the source of a Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch.

In their latest episode, SNL cast member Ego Nwodim and episode host Brendan Gleeson play CNN reporters covering the scandal.

“I’m getting breaking news that the Try Guys have now responded to the whole Ned Fulmer situation,” Gleeson said.

“It’s obviously an evolving story, but CNN can confirm that the Try Guys have released an official YouTube video clapping back at ex-Try Guy Ned Fulmer, the ‘Wife Guy’ Try Guy. He disrespected the brand by making out with one of the ‘Food Babies’ at the Harry Styles concert. It’s a sad day indeed.”

They also cracked jokes about not knowing who The Try Guys are and I have to say, I, too, had no bloody idea who they were before this all went down.

“How do you not know The Try Guys?” Gleeson’s character asked. “These are the Buzzfeed pranksters who try stuff, like trying fingernail polish or weird haircuts. They even tried eating bugs!”

They then ripped on that Try Guys video in which they announced that Fulmer had been fired.

SNL star Bowen Yang played Eugene Lee Yang, Mikey Day played Keith Habersberger and Andrew Dismukes played Zach Kornfeld.

“Thank you, it’s surreal. There’s a lot of anger on this couch,” the first bloke said. “We had no choice and we hope he is somewhere on his back with a bullet in his brain and belly.”

The next Try Guy said that Fulmer “committed the heinous act of having a consensual kiss, and not telling us, his friends”.

He also said that editing Fulmer’s scenes out of future vids has been the “battle of our lives”.

“Due to the trauma we are facing, our editors are working around the clock to remove any trace of Ned from past Try Guys content,” he said.

The remaining dude said that since Jay-Z allegedly cheated on wife Beyoncé in 2014, everything would turn out “OK” in the end.

“It will still be amazeballs, but it will also be sadballs,” he said. “We’re all processing this horrific, violent and probably racist tragedy.”

The skit has copped quite a lot of backlash from fans. Not because they were mocking the blokes because, to be fair, the whole world has. But because of the angle they took.

Fans have slammed the way that the skit downplayed the gross power imbalance that occurred when Fulmer got with an employee and instead used the victims as a punchline.

“Oof, rude awakening to SNL that the entire internet is on the Try Guy’s [sic] side,” one person tweeted.

“There were so many other ways they could have parodied this, but they went for making the victims the punchline while downplaying workplace harassment. That’s pretty tasteless comedy.”

“This feels reductive of a situation in which there was a big power imbalance in an unethical relationship in the workplace,” another person tweeted.

“Not to mention the families, employees and friends hurt by this now have to see their pain being trivialised for a skit? Feels weird.”

In the actual Try Guys announcement vid, the remaining three members revealed that Fulmer had been fired following a full-scale investigation.